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Listen up, your Norco car is telling you something

At times, your car can decide to talk to you. How to interpret the message is where most people fail.

You can learn Italian, Spanish, or any other language at school or through online courses. However, there is one language no school can teach. That’s the language of your car.

Your car chooses no place or time to talk to you. It can be on a busy highway or a winding path to your countryside home. Particularly, modern cars have developed a distinctive language. They don’t talk like the old Chrysler of the 80s. They can groan, screech, or grind in an effort to tell you something is not right.

Youngs Auto Care Center in Norco CA Tips

1.     Snapping noise when you accelerate

When you hear this, one or more of your tires are dying. The tread is coming out and leaving the carcass bare. When you are speeding, the tread tear and wear increases. The noise is disgusting. For your safety and for your car’s bodywork, stop driving when you hear this noise.

2.     Sweet scent more like pancake syrup

Unless someone close by is making pancakes, the sweet smell may be a message from your car. The most probable culprit is the cooling culprit. The coolant or antifreeze has a component called ethylene glycol. This substance is the source of the sweet, pancake scent. Maybe the radiator is ruptured or cracked, and it is on its last breath.

Do not ignore the smell unless you are ready to be stranded on a lonely road with your engine boiling. Act swiftly if you notice an orange, green, or yellow puddle on the parking yard.

3.     Squealing

Squealing is for pigs, and so does your car when sending you a coded message. When you hear that high-pitched noise, it is the accessory belt giving its last dying kicks. Cars from the older generation would have failing alternator or water pump belt and still make it to a nearby service station. It is not the same case with modern cars. The belt controls so many critical functions, and a broken one will leave your car dead on the spot.

If the squealing happens when you press on the brake slightly, it is a problem with the shoes or pads. Take your car for checking as soon as you have the time.

4. Engine revving… sometimes normal but not always

You are hitting top gear to build momentum for climbing the hill ahead. When the climb begins, your engine begins to rev while the speed does not change. If your car has continuous variable transmission (CVT), for instance a Nissan Murano, there is no need for alarm.

However, if your car has a manual transmission and the engine revs during a climb, it is not all well. The clutch is no more and has zero friction on the plates. No shortcut about this; it’s time for a new clutch. If you own an automatic car and it is showing the same problem, it may be more than a clutch problem. It could be the transmission requesting for a rebuild.

At Young’s Auto Care Center, we can decipher each of your car’s coded messages. Come and meet a team of Norco auto repair mechanics who understand your car.

Guide to choosing a Kelowna Diesel repair shop

Kelowna Diesel Repairs
Diesel Truck Repairs in Kelowna

The ultimate guide to choosing a Kelowna diesel repair shop

According to a motor research paper released mid 2016; diesel vehicles are on the decline. In their place, petrol engine cars have become everyone’s favorite ride. Therefore, if you own a diesel car you must be a proud driver that not many cars are like yours. But while that should be a reason to feel exceptional, it also comes with a responsibility of finding the best diesel auto repair shop.
As you might already know, it is not every repair shop will be perfect for your diesel vehicle. With more gas cars dominating our roads, auto shops have switched their specialization leaving only a few competent auto experts for the diesel engines.

To ensure your vehicle is in the best capable hands, when choosing a Kelowna diesel repair shop look out for the following:

A repair shop can claim to be the best with diesel vehicles. Can you take their word for it? Of course not until you see credible certifications. It is only then you can have peace of mind knowing that this shop has the right team and expertise for auto diesel engines. You should not expect any surprises with a certified diesel auto shop.

• Price range
Cost for repairs will always be a factor when choosing the best diesel repair shop for your car. The cost should be competitive. That is why you may have to compare a few shops until you find one that you feel is reasonably priced.• Timely service
For everyone who owns a car, having it broken down for a few days will seem like a century. Therefore, how fast you get your vehicle repaired at the shop you choose should be a key consideration. You want to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Quick tips to find the best Langley diesel repair shop
• Ask for referrals: a few of your friends or co-workers own a diesel car. Ask them about where they take their vehicles for repair. Since everyone loves his or her car just like you, some of the referrals could actually turn out to be the best repair shop for your car.
• Experience is always a plus for you: it is not general experience with any other vehicle; this one has to be on diesel options. You would not want an inexperienced auto expert laying hands on your diesel car only to cause a mess that would cost a fortune in repairs.
• Find the shop when you do not have an emergency: having a diesel vehicle emergency and knowing where to take it for repair only makes your problem worse. You are not thinking clearly and any repair shop you come across would make-do. This way you will not get the best results you would have hoped for. Since you know that vehicle emergencies are inevitable, find a good diesel auto shop in advance. When problems come, you will know where to go.
You cannot take chances with your diesel vehicle. It is your pride and deserves the best repair services. To keep it in perfect shape for your everyday mobility, finding a great diesel auto shop is the best assurance you can get. Carefully make your choice and your ride will be ready to hit the road any time any day.